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Born in Philadelphia Pa; son of Benjamin, a painting and paper-hanging contractor and Yetta Dora (Peck).

Richman married Helen Theodora Landess (an actress), 1953; children: Howard Bennett, Kelly Allyn, Lucas Dion, Orien, Roger Lloyd.

EDUCATION: South Philadelphia High School, 1945. Captain and fullback of the city championship football team, 1944. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, B.S., pharmacy, 1951 (now called The University of the Sciences) and is a registered pharmacist. Studied acting with Lee Strasberg, 1952-54.

Assumed spiritual first name, Peter, 1971. Active in spiritual association of Subud since 1959.

CAREER: Actor. Actors Studio member beginning in 1954. Motion Picture and Television Fund, member of board of trustees. Licensed pharmacist in Pennsylvania and New York. Painter, with works exhibited in solo and group shows and in permanent collections throughout the United States. Military service: U.S. Navy, 1945-46. Played football in the Eastern Pro Conference, 1946-47.

MEMBER: American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, The Screen Actors Guild, Actors' Equity Association, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Motion Picture and Television Fund. (Board of Trustees).

LISTED: Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the world; Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in Entertainment.

AWARDS & HONORS: Athletic Hall of Fame Award, South Philadelphia High School Alumni Association,1985. Silver Medallion, Motion Picture and Television Fund,1990 for outstanding humanitarian achievement. (he was chairman of the building committee that built the 25 million dollar hospital; and the complete renovation of the Alzheimer wings); Sybil Brand Humanitarian Award, Jeffrey Foundation, 1990. Drama-Logue performance award 1995 for his one -man show "4 Faces." Golden Halo award (Southern California Motion Picture Council) 1997.

In 2002, his film 4 FACES received a nomination for the Prism Award.

In 2004 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Southern California Motion Picture council, and in 2009, they gave him an award for his performance in THE DESPERATE

Also in 2009 The Film Advisory Board presented him an "Award of Excellence" for THE DESPERATE and "Outstanding Contributions to the World of Entertainment." 


Drama Director Camp Akiba, 1950-51.
Philadelphia Experimental Theater - Billy, This Happy Breed; Tomorrow is Important, 1949.
Rittenhouse Players - Abou Hassan the Good; Red in the Morning 1950.
Philadelphia Neighborhood Players, Philadelphia, as Liliom 1950.
Heartbreak House as Hector Hushabye 1951.
Biggest Thief in town 1952.
Bonaventure 1952.
Jarvis Addams, The Member of the Wedding, Grove Theatre, Nuangola, PA. 1952.
Alvaro Mangiacavallo, The Rose Tattoo, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Ben Goodman, Remains To Be Seen, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Horace William Dodd, Season in the Sun, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Owen O'Malley, 20th Century, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Clark Wilson, Twilight Walk, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Matt Burke, Anna Christie, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Eliot, Private Lives, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Charles Steward, Gramercy Ghost, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Sinclair Heybore, Fancy Meeting You Again, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Steve, Pretty Lady, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Lo and Behold, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Apron Strings, Grove Theatre, 1952.
Stefanowski, Mister Roberts, Westchester Playhouse, Mount Kisco, NY, 1953.
Joe Feinson, Detective Story, Westchester Playhouse, 1953.
(Off-Broadway debut) Larrence Corger, End As a Man, Theatre De Lys, 1953, then (Broadway debut), Vanderbilt Theatre, 1953.
Director Apple of His Eye, Guthsville Playhouse, 1954.
The gentleman caller, The Glass Menagerie, Guthsville Playhouse, Guthsville, PA, 1954.
Mr. Manningham, Angel Street. Guthsville Playhouse, 1954.
Harry Binion, Room Service. Guthsville Playhouse, 1954.
Charles Grant, The Family Upstairs, Guthsville Playhouse, 1954.
Channon, The Dybbuk, Fourth Street Theatre, New York City, 1954
Toured as Mannion, Mister Roberts, U.S. cities, 1954.
Toured as File, The Rainmaker. U.S. cities,(summer circuit) 1955.
Johnny Pope, A Hatful of Rain. Lyceum Theatre, New York City, 1956.
Then National tour opening in Chicago, 1956.
Sergius, Arms and the Man. Drury Lane Theatre, Chicago, IL, 1957. and Longbranch, NJ.
Toured as Sergius, in Arms and the Man. U.S. cities, 1957.
Jimmy Porter, Look Back in Anger. Atlantic Beach Playhouse, NJ, 1959.
Ralph Glenville, Masquerade, John Golden Theater, NY 1959.
Jerry, In The Zoo Story, Provincetown Playhouse, NYC and other theaters, 1960-61. (Over 400 performances).
David, Write Me a Murder, Ogunquit Playhouse, ME, & Cape Playhouse, Dennis MA. 1962.
Glen Griffin, The Desperate Hours. Deertrees Theatre, Harrison, ME, 1962.
Senator Joe Cantwell, The Best Man, Playhouse-in-the Park, Philadelphia, 1962.
Joe Garfield, Have I Got A Girl For You! Biltmore Theater, Los Angeles, 1963. (pre-Broadway)
Shannon, The Night of the Iguana. Playhouse-in-the-Park, 1963.
The Doctor of Auschwitz, The Deputy, Theatre Group, University of California, Los Angeles,1965.
Nicky Arnstein, Funny Girl. Sacramento Music Circus, Sacramento, CA, 1967.

Stage Appearances as Peter Mark Richman:

Hollywood Freeway, Los Angeles, 1975.
Hold Me, Westwood Playhouse, Los Angeles, 1977.
Dysart, Equus, Mary Moody Northern Theatre, Austin, TX, 1982.
Charles, Blithe Spirit, Lobero Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA, 1984.
Juror 4, Twelve Angry Men. Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, 1985.
Barnaby, Babes in Toyland, Pasadena Civic Auditorium, then Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, CA, both 1988.
Appeared in The Owl and the Pussycat, Atlanta, GA, 1977.
Ray Bradbury's "Next in Line," Los Angeles, 1992.
"4 Faces," Los Angeles & New York, 1995-1996.
"The Value of Names," Los Angeles

Film Appearances as Mark Richman:

(Film debut) Gardner Jordan, Friendly Persuasion. Allied Artists, 1956.
Cadet Colonel Corger, The Strange One (The film of End As a Man) Columbia, 1957.
Lieutenant Bill Hanley, Girls on the Loose, Universal, 1958.
Noble, Black Orchid, Paramount, 1959.
Robert Vandenburg, Dark Intruder. Universal, 1965.
Adam Chance, Agent for H.A.R.M. Universal, 1966.
Gerald Pryor, For Singles Only, Columbia, 1968.

Cain's HundredFilm Appearances as Peter Mark Richman:

Colonel Brigg, Conquest of the Earth, Universal, 1980.
Priest and The Devil, The Third Hand, (Judgement Day) Interfilm-Colombia Ltd., 1988.
Charles McCulloch, Friday the 13th Part VII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Paramount, 1989.
Dunwell, The Naked Gun 2-1/2: The Smell of Fear, Paramount, 1991.
Pastor Gregory, Carlo, Gerhardt, Daniel in 4 Faces, 4 Faces Production 2000.
Phil Stein, Pool Hall Junkies, Independent, 2003.
The Desperate, 2009 (Dr, Rosenthal)
After The Wizard 2011 (Charles WIlliams) 
Mysteria 2011 (The Senator)

Television Appearances - Series as Mark Richman:

Papa Pietro's Place,/syndicated, 1950. NBC from Phila.
Nicholas "Nick" Cain, Cain's Hundred. NBC, 1961-62.


Television Appearances - Series as Peter Mark Richman:

Duke Paige, Longstreet, ABC, 1971-72.
Pharoah, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, ABC, 1976-77.
Reverend Snow, Three's Company, 1977-78.
Andrew Laird, Dynasty, ABC, 1981-84.
Channing "C. C." Capwell, Santa Barbara. NBC, 1984.
Voice, Wildfire. CBS, 1986.
Performed as the voice of God, Greatest Stories of the Bible. 1979; and as King Bera (on camera) Sodom and Gomorrah.
as voice of the Phantom, Defenders of the Earth (animated), 1986.
Madros, Mystery of the Keys, German television, 1991.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Robert Mardian, Blind Ambition, CBS, 1979.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

(As Mark Richman) Sal Gilman, House on Greenapple Road, ABC, 1968.
(As Mark Richman) Chief Peter B. Clifford, McCloud: Who Killed Miss USA? (also known as Portrait of a Dead Girl), NBC, 1970.
Major Lucas, Yuma, ABC, 1971.
John Shields, Mallory: Circumstantial Evidence, NBC, 1976.
Lieutenant Larkin, The Islander. CBS 1978.

Television Appearances; Episodic, As Mark Richman

(many shows repeat appearance, some not listed)

Suspense 1952.
Studio One, 1953.
Justice, NBC, 1954.
The Nurses, 1963.
"Star in the Summer Night," Goodyear Playhouse, NBC, 1954.
"Middle of the Night," Philco Playhouse. NBC, 1954.
"Backfire," Goodyear Playhouse. NBC, 1955.
"The Bold and the Brave" Philco Playhouse, NBC, 1955.
"The Center of the Maze," Playwrights '56. NBC, 1956.
"The Partners," U.S. Steel Hour, NBC, 1956.
"Sheriff's Man" Kraft Theatre. NBC, 1957.
"The House," Goodyear Playhouse. NBC 1957.
"Roadblock Number Seven," Jane Wyman Theatre. NBC, 1957.
"The Last Man,� Playhouse 90. CBS, 1958.
"Home Again," Schlitz Playhouse of Stars. 1958.
"Death Wears Many Faces," Kraft Theatre, NBC, 1958.
"Man with a Problem," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, CBS, 1958.
"Mission to Marathon," Zane Grey Theater (also known as Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre), CBS, 1959. pilot for Mr. Richman.
"Ruth and Naomi," The June Allyson Show. CBS, 1959.
"The Hours before Dawn," U.S. Steel Hour, CBS, 1959.
"Act of Terror," U.S. Steel Hour. CBS 1959.
"Hotel de Paree," CBS, 1959.
"The Cure," Alfred Hitchcock Presents. CBS, 1960.
"Fire by Night," Moment of Fear, NBC, 1960.
Joseph, "Emmanuel," Play of the Week. PBS, 1960.
"Therese Raquin," Play of the Week, syndicated, PBS,1961.
"Shame of Paula Marsten" U.S. Steel Hour, CBS, 1961.
"You Can't Escape," U.S. Steel Hour, CBS, 1962.
"Stoney Burke," ABC, 1963.
"Crack in an Image," Breaking Point, ABC, 1963.
"The Virginian," NBC, 1963.
"Ben Casey," ABC, 1963.
Ian Frazer, "The Borderland" The Outer Limits, ABC 1963.
"Combat," ABC, 1964.
"The Virginian," NBC, 1964.
"The Fugitive," ABC, 1964.
Jefferson Rome, "The Probe," The Outer Limits. ABC, 1965.
"Profiles in Courage," NBC, 1965.
"The F.B.I.," ABC, 1965.
"The Wild, Wild West," CBS, 1965.
"Twelve O�Clock High," ABC, 1965.
"Combat," ABC, 1966.
"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," ABC, 1966.
"Blue Light," ABC, 1966.
"The Fugitive," ABC, 1966.
"T.H.E.Cat," NBC, 1966.
"The Loner," CBS, 1966.
"Jericho," CBS, 1966.
"The Virginian," NBC, 1967.
"The Iron Horse," ABC, 1967.
"Daniel Boone," NBC, 1967.
"Ironside," NBC, 1967.
"The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," NBC, 1968.
"It Takes a Thief," ABC, 1968.
"Gunsmoke," CBS, 1968.
"The Invaders," ABC, 1968.
"The F.B.I.," ABC, 1968.
"The Name of the Game," NBC, 1968.
"Bonanza," NBC, 1968.
"My Friend Tony," NBC, 1969.
"It Takes a Thief," ABC, 1969.
"Insight," syndicated, 1969.
"Hawaii Five-0," CBS, 1969.
"Land of the Giants," 1969.
"Lancer," CBS, 1969.
"The Name of the Game," NBC, 1969.
"Mannix," CBS, 1970.
"Mission: Impossible," CBS, 1970.
"The F.B.I.," ABC, 1970.
"Silent Force," ABC, 1970.
Also appeared in episodes of The Twilight Zone, Suspense. Studio One, Camera Three, and Rawhide, all CBS; and Armstrong Circle Theatre.

Television Appearances; Episodic, as Peter Mark Richman:

(many shows repeat appearance, some not listed)

"Men from Shiloh," NBC, 1971.
"Yuma," ABC, 1971.
"The F.B.I.," ABC, 1971
"Mission: Impossible," CBS, 1972.
"The F.B.I.," ABC, 1972.
"Marcus Welby, M.D.," ABC, 1973.
"Search," NBC, 1973.
"The New Adventures of Perry Mason," CBS, 1973.
"The Streets of San Francisco," ABC, 1973.
"Hawkins," CBS, 1974.
"Police Story," NBC, 1974.
"The F.B.I.," ABC, 1974.
"Nightmare at 43 Hillcrest," Wide World of Mystery, ABC, 1974.
"Get Christie Love!," ABC, 1974.
"Barnaby Jones," CBS, 1974.
"McCloud," NBC, 1974.
"Ironside," NBC, 1974.
"Caribe," 1975.
"Petrocelli," NBC, 1975.
"Police Story," NBC, 1975.
"Barnaby Jones," CBS, 1976.
"Switch," CBS, 1976.
"Cannon," CBS, 1976.
Bert D'Angelo, "Superstar," ABC, 1976.
"Baretta," ABC, 1976.
"Family," ABC, 1976.
"Police Story," NBC, 1976.
"Dog and Cat," ABC, 1977.
Reverend Luther Snow, "Three's Company," ABC, 1977. (Recurring character)
"Charlie's Angels," 1979.
Sam, "Vegas," ABC, 1980.
Battleship Galactica, "Night the Cylons Landed" parts 1 and 2, 1980.
Frank, "The Fall Guy," ABC, 1982.
Dr. Donald Rafelman, "Crazy Like a Fox," CBS 1985.
Kleist, "Knight Rider," NBC, 1985.
Bennett, "Murder, She Wrote," CBS, 1986.
Ross Paterno, "T.J.Hooker," CBS 1986.
Roy Barlow, "Hardcastle & McCormick," ABC, 1986.
Dr. Lyman, "Hotel," ABC, 1988.
Admiral Smythe, "Supercarrier," ABC, 1988.
Ralph Offenhouse, "Neutral Zone," Star Trek...The Next Generation. syndicated, 1988.
Adam Whitley, "Matlock," NBC, 1989.
Falco, "Swamp Thing," 1990. (U.I. syndicated)
"Mystery of the Keys," Berlin Television, 1991.(now called: My Secret Summer)

Appeared in episodes of Apple's Way, CBS; The Young Lawyers, ABC; Banacek, NBC; Medical Story, NBC; Quincy, M.E., NBC; Sword of Justice, NBC; Starsky and Hutch, ABC; Fantasy Island, ABC; The Love Boat, ABC; Finder of Lost Loves, ABC; Hart to Hart, ABC; B. J. and the Bear, NBC; Lobo, NBC; The Incredible Hulk, CBS; 240-Robert, ABC; The Six Million Dollar Man, ABC; Dallas, CBS; The Bionic Woman, ABC; Seaways, Canadian television; Wonder Woman; The Ted Knight Show; The Lutheran Hour; Beverly Hills 90210. (recurring character)

Television Appearances; Movies:

Tex Rickard, Dempsey, CBS, 1983.
Lieutenant Walling, City Killer, NBC, 1984.
Dunston, Bonanza...The Next Generation. syndicated, 1988.
Also appeared in The PSI Factor. 1980.

Television Specials, As Mark Richman:

David, David Chapter III. CBC, 1966.
Also appeared in A Question of Chairs. CBS, 1961.


Author of the play: Heavy, Heavy What Hangs Over. Produced by The Actors Studio West,1991 along with The Place. (appeared in it also)

Author of The Party List, produced by ANTA West.

Author of: A Medal for Murray, 1991 (one act play) produced by Richard Basehart Theater, Los Angeles.

Novels:  "Hollander's Deal"  &  book of short stories,  "The Rebirth of Ira Masters."

Author of 4 Faces, 1995. One-man play performed by the author, premiered at Chapman University, Orange Calif. Opened in Los Angeles, Ventura Court Theater, then the Odyssey Theater. New York at the Actors Studio, 1996. 4 Faces is now a feature film written, produced and starring Peter Mark Richman.

As a narrator Mr. Richman performed "7 CIRCLES OF LIFE," composed and conducted by his son, Lucas Richman with the Spokane Symphony in 1997. In 2004 he narrated Aaron Copland's "A LINCOLN PORTRAIT" with the Knoxville Symphony, Lucas Richman conductor. And in 2005 he again narrated "7 CIRCLES OF LIFE" with the TIROLER KAMMERORCHESTER INSTRUMENTI in INNSBRUCK, AUSTRIA, under the baton of Lucas Richman. 

In 2007 he again narrated "A LINCOLN PORTRAIT" by Copland with The YOUNG MUSICIANS FOUNDATION at Mt. Rushmore, Lucas Richman conducting. In 2010 he performed it again with the Bangor, Maine Symphony under the baton of his son.

He also appears in the documentary film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" (2006) 

Mr. Richman has recently recorded radio dramas available on CD, based on the original TWILIGHT ZONE television scripts.

For information about Peter Mark Richman the Actor contact:
Peter Mark Richman Prods.
ph 818-623-6476