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"Monica In Between"
Monica In Between
36" x 24", oil, $20,000
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"Actress in Lavender Hat"
Actress in Lavender Hat
28" x 20", oil, $20,000
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"Actress in a Robe"
Actress in a Robe
29" x 21", oil, $20,000
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PETER MARK RICHMAN began his art training as a young boy, studying for seven years at the famous Philadelphia Graphic Sketch Club. He has exhibited widely and is represented in hundreds of collections, including the permanent collection of the Crocker Museum in Sacramento and The University of the State of New York.

"I started drawing and painting when I was very young. I went to the Philadelphia Graphic Sketch Club, a fine philanthropic art institution from the age of nine to about seventeen. The emphasis was academic so I had a good background in drawing. It didn't dawn on me until much later, I mean, by that time I was already a serious actor, married and father of several children before I realized I was really an expressionist. The last thirty years or so I have painted with much more of an inner direction. I mean by that, that an artist has something in him that has to be expressed and the way it expresses itself on canvas or paper is relative to the individual's inner life. I believe in a spiritual sense the artist has very little choice in the matter. No matter what he does, what comes out is really him in certain periods of his life and it is constantly changing. Acting has never been enough for me. I mean, just to act is terribly limiting, so in the time I have in between acting jobs I paint and write. This combination seems to complement each effort and keep things directed towards a release of whatever has to be released. That's the fascinating part of this whole business. As an actor you never know what is going to happen tomorrow, and it's the same in painting. The difference is at least as a painter you are your own boss and don't have to talk to a director or a producer about what tube of paint to use.

I have been called an expressionist. Whatever I'm called, I am an instinctive, intuitive, emotional painter with a particular temperament that corresponds to my inner nature. I am the same as an actor and, I suppose as a person. I basically paint the same way I did when I was ten years old except that it is more varied and my technique is more sophisticated.

I am not an intellectual painter. When I lose all thought and work subconsciously and freely, not knowing how I accomplish certain effects or variations in color, then I feel I am most in touch with my inner life. When that happens, hours go by and their passing is unfelt because I am so completely submerged in my work. To me these times are the most creative and fulfilling.

When I paint, getting started and then knowing when to stop is a big problem. I conclude work on a painting when I am satisfied, when it pleases me, and when I feel that I have accomplished best what I can do. There are some paintings that never seem to be finished."

The Old Clown
36" x 25", oil, $20,000
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The Young Contestant
24" x 30", oil, $20,000
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Showgirl On Stage 27
36" x 26", oil, $20,000
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Essex House - New York, NY
Galerie Des Stars - Los Angeles, CA
Parkhurst Gallery - Seal Beach, CA
Goldfield Galleries - Los Angeles, CA
The Playboy Club - Los Angeles, CA
McKenzie Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
Hopkins Gallery - Beverly Hills, CA
Brindle Gallery - Westlake, CA
The Crocker Museum - Sacramento, CA
American Masters Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
Chapman University - Orange, CA - 30 year retrospective
Orlando Gallery - Encino, CA

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